The Fighting Seabees (1944)

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The Fighting Seabees (1944)

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All-American hero John Wayne takes a crew of construction workers and
turns them into one of WWII's toughest fighting forces in this
action-packed war classic. After having convinced the Army brass to let
his civilians bear arms, Wedge Donovan (Wayne) whips his new troops
into combat shape. But when he leads his unit un an all-out assault
against the Japanese, Donovan is brought up on court-martial charges
and must fight for his life on a new battlefield. The Fighting
offers an entertaining combination of strong
supporting performances by Daniel O'Keefe and ravishing, about-to-be
superstar Susan Hayward; brawling, big budget action sequences; and an
Oscar-nominated score -- all of which led Leonard Maltin to give "3
stars" to this spirited saga turned box office bonanza.

Construction workers in World War II in the Pacific are needed to build
military sites, but the work is dangerous and they doubt the ability of
the Navy to protect them. After a series of attacks by the Japanese,
something new is tried, Construction Battalions (CBs=Seabees). The new
CBs have to both build and be ready to fight. Written by John Vogel

Saying this film is "propaganda" is not an insult. No, it was
deliberately crafted to encourage Americans that we can and will win
the war if we stand firm. And what better image of this than the
ever-vigilant John Wayne--the embodiment of the Hollywood image of

This film reminds me a lot of The Flying Tigers, though the plot isn't
so melodramatic. It's about a crew of civilian engineers sent overseas
to do construction for our troops (such as building runways and other
projects). BUT, the evil Japanese in the movie take advantage of the
fact that these are unarmed civilians and butcher them at every
opportunity. So, what is The Duke and his trusted pals to do? Take up
arms and use their own equipment when necessary to beat the stuffing
out of the Japs! Yes, guys with bulldozers and clubs NEVER could have
inflicted the casualties you witness in the movie, but man if it isn't
entertaining to watch--particularly the explosive ending. Author:
planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida

In response to a string of Japanese attacks, Wedge Donovan (John Wayne)
-- the owner of an American construction company working in the Pacific
during World War II -- convinces the U.S. military to let his men bear
arms. As Donovan molds his civilian crew into Construction Battalions,
or CBs ("seabees"), a love triangle emerges with a fetching journalist
(Susan Hayward) and a dashing officer (Dennis O'Keefe).

What an excellent, entertaining film ! A rare tribute to un-sung heroes
of WWII. The story is great, the acting performances are outstanding
and at times the action is simply "jump out of your chair and say
YEAH!" good. There's a scene where John Wayne's usual unrestrained
heroics actualy backfire and cause a number of his own men to die, a
rare and classic moment there indeed. I like this flick alot and
recommend it to WWII movie buffs everywhere.

Not only is this a great WWII story with an excellent cast, it is
interesting from a historical aspect to watch the formation of a Naval
Construction unit from civilians. Excellent supporting cast.

I love old movies and this movie is no exception. This movie provides a
wonderful look at movies from the WW2 era of Hollywood. There are song
and dance numbers, serious fighting, and lots of excellent dialog. For
a small chuckle, check out the furnishings in Commander Yarrows
quarters. Quite a lot of nice furniture and decorations for an island
with no airbase... All humor aside, this movie is well worth seeing IF you like old movies and can watch it in that context.

This was a propaganda film designed to bolster American spirits during
the war and to lobby for the formalization of the CBs. It's very well
done and very uplifting. It has a nice combination of song and dance
and a bit of violence. It features a gentler and more dashing Wayne.

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