Flying Leathernecks (1951)

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Flying Leathernecks (1951)

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"Solid performances and fine camerawork."-Geoff Andrew, Time
Out Film Guide

Marine fighter
squadron VMF 247 is in the thick of it on Guadalcanal. The besieged
airstrip they hold is hammered almost nightly by offshore batteries.
Malaria and combat fatigue grip many of the men. Fuel is low.
Replacement parts for the squad's Wildcat planes are few. And the only
things not in short supply are the enemy...and Major Don Kirby's
determination to keep fighting with whatever he has.

American icon John Wayne is in the cockpit and in
command as Kirby, a courageous leader at odds with his executive
officer (Robert Ryan) and the forefront of tacticians eager to
coordinate ground combat with low-flying aerial sorties. Nicholas Ray
(Rebel Without A Cause) directs, skillfully
incorporating actual battlefield and dogfight footage. Flying
has the flight stuff!

Marine Major Dan Kirby is tough on his group of World War II aviators,
tougher than his subordinate Captain Carl Griffin thinks is necessary.
But Kirby proves that his method is more suited to the demands of war.
Written by Jim Beaver

They've gotta hate you to love you! John Wayne is a Marine
fighter-pilot officer who earns the enmity of his men via his obsession
with downing Japanese flyboys in World War II. Actual combat footage is
interspersed in the film, which also follows Wayne's comrades as they
fight their personal demons. Co-stars Robert Ryan, James Bell and Jay
C. Flippen. Directed by Nicholas Ray.

This is another movie for John Wayne fans. It features good
performances by Wayne and Robert Ryan and others of the cast. The plot
shows the standard 'tough guy'commander Wayne reflected against the
more sensitive Ryan. The upshot is that with time Ryan learns the need
for the commander to command and not be a 'pal' to men he may send to
their deaths. The movie shows combat scenes but leaves the cockpit
terror rather sterile. While it was a relative propaganda movie when
made it nevertheless is well worth watching for fans of Wayne, Ryan or
the WWII genre.

like it. It's a typical gungho Duke war movie, but it's
still enjoyeable. It has all the cliches in it, the mouthy Texan, the
kind XO who learns to be tough, the polite kid who buys it early, the
crusty sergeant, and the guys who have to learn the hard way. This
movie does include a lot of actual Pacific war footage, land and sea,
that is interesting in itself.

This is a cool WWII movie and the actual footage of the war is the best
part of the flick. I prefer the DUKE in war movies,rather than
westerns. I think Robert Ryan out acted the duke in this flick. This
was a different time in Hollywood and the country was about to go to
war in Korea. The movies were different then some call it cheesey I
call it flag waving. This was in the functional period of DUKE'S
alcoholism and you either love him or hate him.Horse or airplane the
duke swaggered thru the war or the plains to become an American icon.
See this movie if you are a WWII fan or a fan of Wayne, it's a good

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